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​How the BC works.

​The BC is an advisory body that deals with the breed standards, breeding rules and health issues of the breed.

The members elect a Secretary which is responsible for the activity of the BC. 

A BC is considered "active" when it consists of members from at least 8 different FIFe Members. In this case the BC can even prepare and forward proposals to the FIFe General Assembly.

Other activities.

​Breed Councils can be involved in other activities such as the organization of Breed Seminars for FIFe Student Judges and Judges and may be involved in the organization of other special events such as Breed shows, separate Best in Show, according to the present FIFe rules.


Korat breeding in FIFe


There is a specific article dedicated to the breeding of Korat cats in the FIFe Breeding and Registration Rules.

Article 6.10 states the following:


The FIFe shall not recognise any other variety than blue in the Korat.

The FIFe will not encourage any person or federation to produce colours other than blue in the Korat.

When breeding Korats:

  • Only blue KOR shall be used, and only blue offspring from blue KOR parents can be registered as Korat (KOR).

  • Offspring in a variety other than blue shall be registered as XSH * <KOR> /XLH * <KOR>

  • Only Korats imported from Thailand may be entered in the novice class for recognition. Their origin must be officially proven by documentation.

  • Korat cats used in breeding must have a DNA-test for GM, unless both parents are proven to be free from GM.

  • These breeding principles are to be followed:

    • GM-free x GM-free

    • Non-carrier x carrier – provided that all offspring are GM-tested.

  • If a desired mating is not completely covered by points above, the FIFe Member must approve such a mating in advance after having received a well-founded application.
    The FIFe Member states all conditions if the application is granted.

  • The cats that need testing according to this rule must be identifiable by microchip or tattoo Test results must be registered and published in accordance with article 3.5.1 (n.d.r. either on pedigree or on a specific appendix of the pedigree)

  • The breeder must inform buyers of Korat cats about the GM-diseases and the registration policy. 


It is very important that all breeders follow these principles which have been clarified due to the existance of a very dangerous and lethal disease which affected the breed till the end of the last century (GM Gangliosidosis).
Nowadays almost all Korats in FIFe, and also in other organizations, have been DNA tested and only those free from the GM disease are used for breeding. But in any case, the DNA test is mandatory in FIFe and no Korat can be used for breeding if it doesn't fulfill the requirement in the above article.

Another important information contained in this article is related to the registration of the "other coloured" kittens.

To keep on with the Thai tradition, only blue cats can be called Korats. But occasionaly other colours (blue pointed and lilac) are born in litters where both parents are blue. This is because some Korats carry either one of the other recessive gene (the lilac and the pointed) which originates from Thailand, that express its existance only when two carriers are mated. That's why the DNA color test is highly recommended.

Such kittens cannot be registered as Korats (KOR) but will have a different code XSH (non regognized shorthair).

the BC Rules


How to become a BC Member.​
To be eligible to become FIFe BC Member a breeder must fulfill the following requirements:

  • have a FIFe registered cattery;

  • be at least 18 years old;

  • be member of a FIFe Member for at least 5 years;

  • must have bread 3 litters within the previous 5 years;

  • have a GIC/GIP of his own breeding or have exhibited at least 3 times per year during the last 3 years.

Your FIFe Member can anyway grant you an exception if you don't fulfill some requirements.

It is also possible to establish BC for preliminary recognized breeds.

The necessary steps to apply.
If you want to apply to become Member of the Korat BC, you have to fill out a form and send it to your FIFe member for approval. 

Together with the form, you must pay a fee which, at present, is of 10 Euro/year.

The membership runs from January 1st to December 31.

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