The Korat

the silver blue cat with the Thai passport


There are many internet sources where you can find information about the Korat cat.

The most comprehenive one is Koratworld, a website that for almost 20 years is the referring point for everybody who is interested in the Korats.


The Korat is probably the only breed (or one of the very few breeds) that have the same Standard throughout all feline associations. Of course some small details may differ, but the description of the Korat is and has been kept identical to that written on the old manuscripts (smud khoi) from Thailand and all breeders, no matter from what country, association, time, have been always working hard to keep the integrity of the breed in line with the old Thai tradition.


Some useful sources


to read more about the Korat, follow the following suggested links:


General Info:



Compare the Standards:

the FIFe Standard

the CFA Standard

the TICA Standard



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