Korat of the Year competition - 2014


Results from ther SHOW SEASON 2014

From 1st of January to 31st of December




1st Place - Scoring 1000 pt.

SC Jeba's Kasu kan-YAH DVM DSM

Breder: Martin Jabasinsky, DE

Owner: Jon Arne Didriksen, NO


2nd Place - Scoring 980 pt.

SC FI*Melodian Tulaya, DSM DVM

Breeder: Sanna Veijalainen, FI

Owner: Milla Talja, FI


3rd Place - Scoring 858 pt.

GIC Mythai Rochana Rak Jing

Breeder: Milla Talja, FI

Owner: Pälvi Niemi, FI


4th Place - Scoring 841 pt.

SC Doklao Kobalt Quinn de Senguinet

Breeder: Eva Krynda, AUS

Owner: Josianne Massart, FR


5th Place - Scoring 796 pt.

GIC N*Dala Speed Athelia Blue

Breeder: Helga Lokøy, NO

Owner: Anne Frostander, SE


6th Place - Scoring 795 pt.

IC FI*Hovikissan Rhe-Mu

Breeder & Owenr: Sari Peltonen, FI


7th Place - Scoring 788 pt.

IC SE*Amixam's Vildvittra

Breeder & Owenr: Anne Frostander


8th Place - Scoring 660 pt.

IC DK*Meejai AyAnik

Breeder: Friederike Brinsch, DE

Owner: Anne Frostander, SE


9th Place - Scoring 635 pt.

IC Gah Saluay de Senguinet

Breeder & Owenr: Josianne Massart, FR


10th Place - Scoring 614 pt.

SC E Nong Sao de Senguinet

Breeder & Owenr: Josianne Massart, FR






1st Place - Scoring 670 pt.

IC FI*Mythai Omanong Sa-Mon

Breeder & Owner: Milla Talja, FI


2nd Place - Scoring 660 pt.

IC FI*Hovikissan Rhe-Mu

Breeder & Owner: Sari Peltonen, FI


3rd Place - Scoring 626 pt.

N*Jona's Silver-Anchali

Breeder & Owner: Jon Arne Didriksen, NO


4th Place - Scoring 482 pt.

Kattihovin Urusai Masukotto

Breeder & Owner: Pälvi Niemi, FI



1st Place - Scoring 1040 pt.

WW 2014, NW, SP FI*Hovikissan iat Jaao, DSM

Breeder & Owner: Sari Peltonen, FI


2nd Place - Scoring 1035 pt.

NW13,NW14 SP. Dongalas Glitne

Breeder: Carl Otto Lund, NO

Owner: Ewelina Rybak, PL


3rd Place - Scoring 453 pt.

IP. Dewdrop's Fan Chaluay

Breeder: Milla Pyötsiä, FI

Owner: Marie Paulsen, DK

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