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Approved by FIFe G.A. in 2002, Breed Councils came into effect on January 1st 2003.

Their main purpose is to serve as advisory bodies on breed standards and breeding rules.

They also channel opinions and suggestions from individual breeders to the FIFe G.A., via the BC's Secretary and BC Administrator

SP FIN* Hovikissan Iat Jaao

FIFe World Winner 2014

The purpose of this website is to give information on the Korat Breed Council's activities and to allow all FIFe Korat breeders to keep in touch with the Breed Council.


Here you'll also find information about the Korat standard, Rurels concerning the breed, important files to download, list of FIFe Korat breeders' websites and all contacts useful to keep in touch with the Breed Council.


Important announcements about the Korat Breed and the BC's activities will be also published on these pages to keep all breeders informed.

PAWPEDS Korat Pedigree database

It is available to all Korat breeders.

To access it, just click here


If you want to share your Korat pedigree with the Korat community, please send it by email in pdf to Outi Niemi to the following email: korat @ nic.fi

The final results of the Korat of the Year 2014 have just been published! Checke them out here.

Start collecting your Korat results for the 2015 competition.

Collect results from shows starting from 1st of January to 31st of December 2014.

Read the rules and download the form from the KOTY page.


Good Luck with your Korats!

For more info about FIFe, please visit:



Email : secretary @ fifekoratbc.com


NB. we put empty spaces before and after the @ for each email addres to avoid phishing and spam.

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the FIFe Korat Breed Council is also on Facebook as a closed group for members.

If you want to join the group, apply to become a Member of our BC!


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If you want to keep in touch with us, send an emal to:

secretary @ fifekoratbc.com


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