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Documents and useful files to learn more about the Korat


Here we publish a list of useful documents that have been edited during the years and that will certainly help to better understand the Korat breed. Some of these documents have been prepared on occasion of Breed Seminars and distributed to Student Judges and Judges. Here included also some articles about the breed, published during the years on various magazines, books, etc. from different countries.



Korat Breed Seminar 1990, Borås, NO - pdf file

FIFe Breed Seminar 2011 (Haderslev, DK - 18/06/2011) - pdf file

FIFe Breed Seminar 2012 (Turku, FI - 25/11/2012) - pdf file

FIFe Breed Seminar 2015 (Tienen, BE - 6/03/2015) - pdf file


The blue breeds - article about the differences among Korat, Russian Blue and Chartreux. - pdf file

The Korat - article published on KOT magazine (PL) - pdf file

Korats and Thais - article from "our cats" (UK magazine) - pdf file pag 1, pag 2




Useful Links


FIFe - Federation International Feline


Scandinavian Korat Ring

Korat Club Association of Finland

Korat database on PAWPEDS

Korat FAQ page - from Dennis Ganoe (CFA AB Judge)


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