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KOTY 2014
1st place Adult Class
Jeba's Kasu-Kan Yah 
Breeder Martin Jebasinski
Owner Jon Arne Didriksen
the KOTY Rules


  • This competition is promoted by the FIFe KORAT BREED COUNCIL and reserved to all FIFe registered Korats. 

  • Show season starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st of each year.

  • Only results obtained during FIFe shows are valid for the competition. 

  • Every year the competition will be for "BEST KORAT ADULT", "BEST KORAT KITTEN" and "BEST KORAT NEUTER". 

  • The same Korat can compete for more than one category. 

  • Participating in the competition is free of charge for both Korat breeders and owners of FIFe registered Korats. 

  • ADULTS and NEUTERS (classes 1 to 10) participate with the cumulative number of points from their best shows (max. 8 shows

  • KITTENS (classes 11 and 12) participate with the cumulative number of points from their best shows (max. 6). 

  • Copies of the Judges' reports will have to be sent to the person in charge (*) to collect and check the points, before the end of February of the following year (for this year all results will have to be sent by February 28 th 2013) accompanied by the form attached to this set of rules duly compiled and signed by the breeder/owner. Incomplete entries (i.e. without documentation attached) will be rejected. 

  • Results will be published in the FIFe Korat Breed Council website including a list of all Korats entered for the competition and pictures of the "TOP 3" Korats for each category (Adults, Kittens, Neuters). 

  • The winners will receive a diploma/certificate from the FIFe Korat Breed Council. All results will be published on the Korat Breed Council website.




N.B. The basic idea comes from the Skogkatt of the Year competition, and "Korat of the Year" uses it under permission.



BEST IN SHOW (all classes)                                     130 pt.

BEST OPPOSITE SEX (classes 1 to 10)                125 pt.

NOMINATION (all classes)                                       110 pt.

BEST IN VARIETY (all classes)                               100 pt

CACE/CAPE                                                                       97 pt

HONOUR PRIZE (classes 1 and 2)                          96 pt

CAGCIB/CAGPIB                                                             96 pt

CACIB/CAPIB                                                                   93 pt

CAC/CAP                                                                            93 pt

Ex1 (classes 11-12)                                                          93 pt

EX1 only (classes 3-4) - no cert.                           92 pt

EX1 only (classes 5-8) - no cert.                           91 pt

EX1 only (classes 9-10) - no cert.                         90 pt

Other Ex (Ex2 - Ex3 - etc.)                                        88 pt


Enter your Korat before February 28th!

Only best result from each show is counted. If, for example, a cat gets CAGCIB+BIV+NOM, the score would be 110 and not the summ of results.


Download PDF or download DOC form to enter the competition.

Download the rules as a separate file


Start collecting the show results of your Korats from January 2016 to end of the year and get them ready to be sent out!

All entries must be sent before February 28 each year.

Entries send to


For any question you may have, keep in touch with the BC Secretary

Start collecting results for 2017!!!

The "Korat of the Year" competition



In 2004 - 10 years ago! - the FIFe Korat Breed Council has been happy to annunce the institution of an annual Breed Competition" in FIFe.
Trying to do our best to promote our Breed in all possible contexts, we thought this project could be aimed to encourage breeders and owners of Korat cats to participate more in the FIFe cat shows.

All Korats, registered in FIFe, are entitled to enter the competition. We would, therefore, invite all FIFe Korat breeders and owners to participate with enthusiasm with their beloved cats and enter the show results of the last show year. Information for the current competition here.

It is very easy to participate. Just download the form that you'll find at the bottom of this page and follow the rules. 

If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask the BC Secretary for help.



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